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Family Connections
Family Connections
Descendants of Irving MacCallum
Descendants of David MacCallum Sr.
Family Photos

I want to thank Angela Castle for all of the information and pictures on the following pages. Also for solving the mystery of the lone headstone in the forest of Camden.

I was given this site by Bruce Clark my distant cousin how I am related is:


1st Generation:

David Macallum Sr.( From Alness Scotland) b.1745 (m. 1775) Margaret Moor ( From Londonderry NH) b. July 26 1750


2nd Generation:

David MacCallum Jr.( From North River NS) b. July 16 1781 (m.1803) Mary Archibald ( From Truro NS) b. December 10 1781


3rd Generation:

Johnson MacCallum and Margaret McNutt


4th Generation:

Irving MacCallum (from MaCallum Settlement NS)  b. Nov 24 1879  (m.?) Lillian Blanche Johnson ( From East Mountain NS) b. September 5 1879


5th Generation:

Lillian Emmaline MacCallum (from MacCallum Settlement NS) b. June 23 1919 (m. November 19 1941) Harold Oscar Murray (From North River NS) b. August 19 1921


6th Generation:

(MY DAD)1) Irving Ralston Murray(From North River NS) b. October 13 1946 (m. August 16 1969)  Marjorie Mae Johnstone ( from Kemptown NS) b. August 22 1948


7th Generation:

Patty May Murray (from North River NS) b. February 19 1971

(ME) Angela Janette Murray (from North River NS) b. June 21 1973 (m. Sept 25 1999) Craig Alvin Ross Castle (from Sheet Harbour NS) b. August 30 1971

Adam Vance Murray (from North River NS) b. March 24 1976


8th Generation: (my children)

1) Chelsea Marie Castle (from Hardwoodlands NS) b. March 2 1994

2) Corinne Emmaline Castle( from Hardwoodlands NS) b. April 11 1996

3) Devin Ross Castle( from Hardwoodlands NS) b.July 9 2001


Sincerely Angela Castle

Hardwoodlands, Milford NS