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Camden Cemetery
My Line
Br - Ga
He - Ho
Le - Lo
McC - Me
Pa - Za
My Line

Hollingsworth - Christopher 1842-1910

w/o Sarah (Henderson) 1850-1922 are my G-Grandparents


Hollingsworth - Edmond Roger 1881-1954

w/o Ester "Jane"(White) 1890-1965 are my Grandparents


Hollingsworth - Carmen Guy 1933-1987 is my father


Edmond 1881-1954 Jane White 1850-1965

Carmen Hollingsworth
Carmen Hollingsworth 1933 - 1987


Talbot - Matthew 1839-1885

w/o Catherine Hollingsworth 1836-1918

This is Christopher Hollingsworth's sister, Catherine Hollingsworth, 1836-1919, Daughter of Thomas Hollingsworth and Janet Dillman, Granddaughter of Musquodoboit pioneers Henry Hollingsworth and Elizabeth Trail.  And her husband Matthew Faulkner Talbot 1839-1885. Son of Matthew Talbot and Elizabeth? Both buried in Camden Cemetery, We think the picture was taken around 1870-75
Thanks to Carolee Nichols  for sending me this picture and information.

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